Beyond expectations

I knew that Avantgarde was going to be a great Chalet after reading the reviews and looking at the photos in the ad, but my experience was beyond even these high expectations. Chalet Avantgarde stands for it´s name, as it is a design house also in the smallest details, this house stands for Swiss perfection and on top a bit of French elegance and Italian taste. The combination this house offers with it´s absolute privacy in the mountains and still the luxury touch of a 5 star hotel is unique. To be honest words wouldn´t help me to make a fair description of how amazing the view in the living room with it´s massive Panorama is. If the weather does not play with or for the evenings, no worries the house master supplied the Chalet with a TV as big as a home cinema. Having travelled extensively through Israel, Australia and Europe, I can say this house is in my Top 3 places I have ever stayed at! We will go back to Torbel and stay at the Chalet again!

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